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Make $12,000.00 per Month, Holly Mann's Honest Riches eBook Will Show You How!
Holly Mann's Honest Riches
Hey Everyone, It's Kimberly Taylor here...

You Guys/Gals that know me by now are well aware that I Will NOT recommend any product that I haven't thoroughly tested myself, If it doesn't live up to my high expectations then I'll let you know.

Well, I'm here to tell you that Holly Mann's ebook is ABSOLUTE GOLD!, this Girl knows what she's talking about and she shows you how to do what she does in simple easy to understand terms that even a child can grasp. Check out my short review below...

Unless you have just crawled out from under a rock somewhere, it is no doubt that you have heard about Holly Mann and her HIGHLY ACCLAIMED eBook known as Honest Riches

Holly has done something that no other Guru, eBook or Program has ever done before, she shows you step-by-step  how she is able to make over $12,000 - $14,000 every single month like clock work and how you can to!

I'm nobody's fool when it comes to Internet Marketing, In fact I've been making a decent income online for several years now, so when I received an email from Holly inviting me to review her book I figured there would be nothing new in it that I didn't already know.

One thing I can say with all certainty is... Holly Mann's Honest Riches is NOT a SCAM!

The information that Holly reveals is absolutely Killer, No Fluff, No Filler Just straight to the point Nuts & Bolts of Internet marketing, the kind of information that every day folks like you and me can understand and easily put into practice, I applaud Holly for releasing this masterpiece into the marketplace and enabling anyone to finally realize their dreams of achieving success online and becoming financially independent

Well, I don't want to bore you, or even worse, start sounding like those Gurus with the long drawn out sales letters so I'm going to end this by saying ... If you can't make money online after reading Honest Riches 2 then I suggest you pack it in right now because there's no better resource on the Internet than this, Guaranteed!

Here's what you'll find inside ....
Chapter 1  - Setting Up Your Online Business

  • Why your online Business should have a it's own identity.

  • The importance of properly setting up your online business to avoid headaches down the road.

Chapter 2 - Ins & Outs of Affiliate Marketing

  • Detailed explanation of affiliate marketing and how you can make a killing with it.

  • What you MUST know when choosing an affiliate program and why.

  • Pros and Cons of the two kinds of affiliate programs you can sign up with, Independent Programs & Affiliate Networks.

  • HonestRiches supplies a listing of the most popular affiliate networks you should join and how to get around any restrictions that might be in place due to your geographic location.

Chapter 3 - Conducting keyword research

  • How to conduct Keyword research using tools such as Wordtracker this section is  two pages long and goes into great detail... I loved this part

  • Tips and tricks on how to take full advantage of seasonal trends.

  • A comprehensive listing of Free niche finding tools and how to use them, also includes links to their Sites.

Chapter 4 - How to Make Money Without a Website

  • Detalis on how to make money without a website by using  forums, classified ads, Social Networking sites as well as how to writing articles to promote your affiliate products

  • A comprehensive listing  of directories you can use to implement the all of the above mentioned strategies.

Chapter 5  - Website Creation for Newbies to Advanced

  • Eighteen jam packed pages detailing several ways you can create a website.

  • Holly Mann offers to set up a Wordpress blog or Joomla CMS website for you FREE, providing that you have them hosted  through her... This is an excellent way for beginners to get up and running with NO experience.

  • Tons of links to recommended  free tools, templates and resources that will enable you to build your own website's.

Chapter 6 - Tips on Locating Open Source Software

  • Honest Riches explains what open source software is and how you can save a pile of money by obtaining these free versions.

  • More links to programs, templates and other recommended software tools... all Free!.

  • More Tips and Tricks on how to get started in Internet marketing using 100% free resources.

Chapter 7 - The Importance of Optimized Content

  • Holly Mann explains the important of optimizing your content for your chosen keywords and how to get a #1 ranking in the search engine results.

  • How to put Google Adsense onto your website's to earn additional revenue. Holly shows excellent examples of website's with adsense on integrated into them.

Chapter 8 - Optimizing Your Website's for the Search Engines

  • Holly's ebook again explains the ins & outs of keyword analysis and web-page optimization, she also explains how Google determines the value of incoming links, and how you can spy on your competition to determine their backlinks and use that information to out rank them.

  • This section of Honest riches has fifteen pages of step-by-step instructions on how to properly build a perfectly optimized website and how to analyze your competitor's sites to determine what keywords they are focusing on.

  • .She also supplies you with  a MASSIVE list of close to 400 website directories and article directories for you to submit to establish backlinks. She even includes the page rank of every one of them!

Chapter 9 - The Importance of Building a Mailing List

  • An emphasis on the importance of building an opt-in mailing and using a follow-up autoresponder series to help automate your online business.

  • Learn about the most reliable, easiest, cost effective tool for  Capturing  visitors email addresses, how to send unlimited follow-ups and newsletters to help increase your daily profits

Chapter 10- How to effectively Advertise Your Websites

  • A detailed  explanation of how to effectively advertise your websites and drive traffic to them . Holly also explains how to use Pay-Per-Click but advises Newbies against it in the beginning so as not to make any costly mistakes.

  • HonestRiches reveals an insiders secret for gaining  targeted traffic very quickly within 24 - 48 hours Holly Mann proves this by showing real life stats of one of her very own websites

Chapter 11 - Creating Your Own Information Product

  • Seven full pages explaining how to create your very own Ebook to sell online, Holly also provides you with the very same tools that she uses when creating her e-Books.

  • She offers links to more free resources to help put the finishing touches to your information products

Chapter 12 -  Short but useful Bonus Section

  • Sneaky little known technique on how to promote your websites on eBay, even though eBay's terms of service do not permit this.

  • Some useful information on dropshipping as well as a short list of dropshippers website's for you to look at.

And Finally, Drum Roll please....

Free Bonuses Materials:

  • Bonus #1 - Free Website - Holly and her programmer will personally setup your free website: (Value $297)

  • Bonus #2 - Squidoo Profits E-Book with Master Resale Rights: (Value $27)

  • Bonus #3 - Site Wizard Pro with Master Resale Rights Included & Source Code: (Value $197)

  • Bonus #4 - Huge Instant Web Graphics Pack (Value $67)

  • Bonus #5 - Photo tutorials to assist you in your steps to success: (Value $27)

  • Bonus #6 - 24/7 Support via Live Chat Box or Forum: (Value $397)

  • Bonus #7 - Free Lifetime e-Book Updates (Value $197)

  • Plus a Full 100% Money Back Guarantee

Since reading Holly's book, I was able to increase my monthly earnings from $6,000 per month to $11,000 within 2 months time just by implementing a few of her strategies that I would have never thought of.

As a matter of fact, I used one of her strategies to get this Website ranked high in the search results!
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